Why I Don’t Like Reading My Own Books (I’m Weird, Basically)

So this is a weird one. Since February I’ve been reading the Mortal Instruments books (they’re fantastic) and if you’re wondering why that’s weird, I didn’t read my own copies of the books, instead I borrowed them from the library. Because I don’t like reading my own books. I like my books to be in pristine condition. PRISTINE. It makes me cringe to see books with bent spines and pages curling and yellowed edges (though saying that, I do buy books from the charity shop) and it drives me to the edge of distraction when I’m reading one of my books and I can SEE THE PAGES TURNING YELLOW IN FRONT OF ME. It’s like my thumb has this horrible stain on it that infects my books! I DON’T LIKE IT.

I was talking about it to the librarian and I’m sure she thinks I’m crackers, but I just love fresh, new books. The way they look, how clean they are, the smell (oh the smell!), how they look on my shelves with their straight spines that you can stroke.

I’m intrigued if this is just me?! Am I the only one scared to read my own books? Scared to discolour them? It’s not as if they’re brand new, first editions worth loads of money, but that’s irrelevant to me! I wonder if you can get reading gloves, so you don’t discolour your books pages. Like when people do read old books, and have to be super careful with them?!?! It pains me to see my thumb turning the pages yellow. WHY DOES MY BODY DO THIS TO ME WHEN I LOVE MY BOOKS SO MUCH? *Quietly weeps in the corner*

So, IS IT JUST ME? Am I the only one who owns a book and then goes and borrows it from the library anyway? Should I just STOP buying books and just borrow from the library? Am I just a bit of a weirdo? I don’t necessarily care, I’m just curious if it’s just me who is so protective of her books? It’s a good job I don’t have anyone to borrow them to because they would come with a SERIOUS list of rules. DO NOT READ being one of them, obviously.



  1. danielle hammelef
    May 4, 2017 / 5:12 pm

    Nope–you are not alone or weird. I have issues letting my kids borrow my books because the books get tossed or squished into backpacks, pages bent, covers scratched. I keep my books as new looking as possible and always wash my hands and never eat while reading them (this is good for avoiding weight gain too :). I know during movies, I can mindlessly shove popcorn into my mouth even when no longer hungry.

  2. May 9, 2017 / 10:11 am

    I don’t blame you!!😂I bought a deluxe collectors Edition of the Hunger Games with intentions to reread them….and I never did. I can’t bring myself to break the spines!🙈🙊 But for like MOST of my books I’m totally fine to read them, but just the deluxe ones I’d rather keep them perfect. <3 And I also am guilty of borrowing books out from the library for my sister when she wants to read one of mine. Like, no. Use a library.😂

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