The Difficult Second Novel by Simon Booker

Today is my go on the blog tour for Simon Booker. His second novel Kill Me Twice is out now! Here is Simon telling us about writing the tricky second novel!

As Jane Austen definitely didn’t say, ‘it is a truth universally acknowledged that a writer’s second novel is fraught with difficulties’. Stories abound of writers whose first novel hits like a lightning strike, setting the best-seller lists ablaze and making the authors rich(ish) and famous(ish). There are fewer stories, however, about first-timers whose books fail to make the Sunday Times bestseller list, for the same reason that there are no articles about the bazillions of people whose Lottery tickets fail to win a single penny.

When I wrote WITHOUT TRACE, the first Morgan Vine thriller, I was able to take my time and produce the book I wanted. No pressures of a publishing schedule, no reviews to live up to. Uber agent Jonny Geller is fond of saying that the only thing worse than a writer with a deadline is a writer with no deadline, and he’s right: a deadline definitely concentrates the mind. WITHOUT TRACE took me about a year. But so did the second in the series, KILL ME TWICE, which is now seeing the light of day. I can’t claim that the writing process was any trickier, or the burden of expectation any higher. I’ve written the book I wanted to write, and I hope it goes down well. Simon Kernick has already said ‘Simon Booker’s fast-paced, twisting thrillers are a must-read for anyone who loves a good page-turner’ and Mark Billingham has called the new book a ‘must-read’, so it looks as if I’ve done something right, although I’m still waiting for the sniffy review that says, ‘no prize for this Booker’.

KILL ME TWICE sees Morgan Vine still living in her isolated house on the beach at Dungeness, taking on a new miscarriage of justice and fighting to prove the innocence of a woman imprisoned for murdering her lover in an arson attack. The whole world knows the man is dead. But then he walks past Morgan’s window…

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