Review Policy

All the books I review are either bought or sent to review. If you would like to send me a book to review, or to get in contact in general, please email or (please do not send to both email addresses, one is sufficient). I accept all forms of books to review – paperbacks, hardbacks and eBooks. I have an Amazon Kindle, so please be aware that eBooks must be sent in the correct format (.mobi or .PDF). Please be aware that due to the volume of emails I receive, I cannot reply to all emails and tend to only reply to books I would like to review, so please don’t re-send if you don’t get a reply; it likely means I don’t wish to review your book.

What book genres do you review?

I tend to review Chick Lit, Women’s Fiction, Crime, Thrillers, Young Adult (any genre under that umbrella except historical) and New Adult.

How quickly will you review my book?

This is a tricky question – I’m a mood reader, therefore what I read is dictated by what kind of mood I’m in. I’ll try my hardest to review your book within three-six weeks. If you’d like a review sooner, I will accept a small fee to bump it up my TBR – although please be aware that will not guarantee a good review. I review honestly, and when you send me your book to review, you accept that that may be a negative review.

What info do you need from me?

When you email me, please include the synopsis, cover, publication date, what format you are offering the book in (physical book or eBook) and why you think it’s a good fit for Girl vs Books – is it similar to something I’ve read or reviewed recently? etc. Please also indicate in your email if you want your book bumped up my TBR, for a small fee.

Please do NOT include the manuscript in the initial e-mail. Introduce yourself and your book, but do not include the book. I will reply, requesting the book, if I want to read it.


Here are a few stats as of October 2017:
I get on average 1,000 page views per week.
I have 2,994 Twitter followers, and growing every week.
I have 704 friends on GoodReads, as well as 278 followers.
I have 11 Bloglovin’ Followers & counting.

Want me to review your book?

Email me at