RE-REWIND – A Look Back At January!

Here we are, it is the end of January tomorrow which is ridiculous, where did the month go? Christmas feels like it was 5 minutes ago not 5 weeks ago. Here’s what I got up to in January!

So one of my main bloggish resolutions was to just DO BETTER on social media. Each month we’ll see if I’ve gained (or lost!) any followers and we’ll see if it’s because of anything I’m doing (I doubt it).

Twitter: 2,406 | 2,517      +111
Instagram: 84 | 142         +58
BlogLovin’: 1 | 4                +3

I’ve had a pretty good increase in my social media followers during January. I don’t really care about my Twitter followers – it ebbs and flows, depending on whether I have a giveaway running or not, and I don’t have as much engagement on there as I would like. It’s hard to start a conversation on Twitter at the moment, for various reasons.

I’m over the moon at gaining over 50 new Instagram followers, though. My feed is a mess, I’ll admit, but I’ve found a clean, white theme that I’m enjoying, with the bare amount of props and I’m trying. I will never be as good as Cait @ Paper Fury, whose Insta I aspire to (ha – in my dreams) but almost 60 followers in a month is insane. That’s two a day. I’m also engaging more. I’m taking a little bit of time every day to go through my feed and like and comment and interact with the people I follow. I also do unboxings on my Insta Stories. I’m putting in A LOT of effort and to see the reward is amazing.

I was going to do a February TBR but I forgot to take the picture and I’m writing this right as I’m ready to post it. Next month I’ll have a TBR ready to go, however you *can* follow me on Insta where one will be going up shortly. Yes, I plugged myself! GO FOLLOW ME.


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  1. Jo
    January 30, 2017 / 3:02 pm

    That’s an amazing start to 2017! Did you sleep in January to have read that many books?! 😜 Happy reading in February x

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