Quick Fire Quiz // Su Bristow

Today I’m taking part in the blog tour for Sealskin by Su Bristow, and Su kindly agreed to take part in my quick fire quiz and let me tell you, she doesn’t waste a word! Enjoy!

Tea, coffee or hot chocolate? Tea

Physical books or eBooks? Physical books

Cat or dog? Cat

Action flick or rom com? Action, probably

White or milk chocolate? Dark!

New York or Los Angeles? New York

City or country? Country

Bath or shower? Bath

Writing by hand or typing? Typing

Samsung or iPhone? iphone

Summer or winter? summer

Pizza or Chinese takeaway? Chinese

X Factor or Strictly? Strictly 

Twitter or Facebook? Twitter

Ant or Dec? Don’t know which is which!

Favourite Friends character? Phoebe

Favourite holiday destination? Sri Lanka

Favourite book? Earthsea series

Favourite author? Ursula le Guin

Favourite movie? …Secrets and Lies

Favourite Netflix series (can be any show on Netflix)? Don’t know

Favourite part about being a writer? Reading to people and getting that hush…

Favourite holiday (Christmas, Easter, Halloween)? Candlemas (2nd February)

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