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Today I am so pleased to be welcoming John Marrs to the blog! He’s the author of the fantastic new thriller The One, which you absolutely must go and find a copy of, because it’s an absolutely amazing read! My review will be up shortly, but first up John’s doing my quick-fire quiz, which sparked a nice debate with his mates about who the best Friends character is! (It’s the kind of stuff I live for.)

Tea, coffee or hot chocolate?

Green tea or hot chocolate. I love the idea of coffee culture but I hate the taste of the stuff.

Physical books or eBooks?

Physical books, which is ironic as my first three novels began life as eBooks. I don’t even own a Kindle, although I do have the App on my phone and iPad.

Cat or dog?

Dog. I have a border terrier called Oscar who hates cats. While I don’t share his loathing, I’m not keen on their unpredictability.

Action flick or rom com?

Action flick, particularly if it involves a city being blown to smithereens. The more landmarks and famous structures being destroyed by an alien invasion/ re-animated dinosaur/ freakish weather front, the better.

White or milk chocolate?

White, please. Leave me in a room full of white Toblerones and I’ll die a happy man. Or I’ll leave with type-two diabetes.

New York or Los Angeles?

Tough one. At 21, I backpacked around America and spent six months selling hotdogs on the beaches of Santa Monica and Venice in LA, so I have a huge soft spot for California. But as I got married in 2016 in New York, I’d have to say the latter.

City or country?

City if I want to explore and get to know the culture of a region, but country if I’m taking the dog for a walk.

Bath or shower?

Shower. I haven’t had a bath in a decade.

Writing by hand or typing?

Having spent so much of my life typing, my handwriting now looks like a spider has made a home on the nib of my pen and has been set free to run amok on a page. But there’s nothing quite as satisfying as writing with a fountain pen, is there?

Samsung or iPhone?

iPhone. From their packaging to their idiot-proof operating systems, I have a Macbook, iPhone and iPad which makes everything easy to sync. I’m just making excuses for being a label-whore, aren’t I?

Summer or winter?

Summer. I hate being too hot, but I prefer it to having to wrap up warm just to put the dustbin out or scrape the ice from the car windscreen.

Pizza or Chinese takeaway?

I used to love pizza and lived very close to a Domino’s. Then I gradually became intolerant to too much gluten, and gluten free pizza is like eating cheese off a chunk of Lego. So now it’s Chinese.

The X Factor or Strictly? 

Without a shadow of a doubt, X Factor. As a journalist (my day job) every August I go to The X Factor media launches to interview the judges and every year I avoid the Strictly ones. I can’t dance, I don’t like watching dancing and I’m not a fan of sequins.

Twitter or Facebook?

Facebook. I Tweet but I find Facebook more fun and more interactive.

Ant or Dec?

Having interviewed both of them, I’d have to say Ant. But Dec comes a close second.

Favourite Friends character?

Phoebe Buffay. Genuinely the most unpredictable of the six, even when you’re watching an episode repeated for the tenth time.

Favourite holiday destination?

I love San Francisco. It’s clean, it’s tidy, it has a wonderful vibe and it’s walkable. The last time my partner and I went, we cycled miles across the Golden Gate Bridge and into the town of Sausalito. Only I cheated and hired an electric bike.

Favourite book?

The Beach by Alex Garland. It inspired me to write.

Favourite author?

Tom Rob Smith, author of The Farm and Child 44. But my taste in books is so broad and random that I like to read a little bit of everything.

Favourite movie?

Can I pick two? Stand By Me and True Romance. They’re two very different films in style and genre, but equally brilliant in their own way.

Favourite Netflix series (can be any show on Netflix)?

The most recent series of Black Mirror. Six individual, stand-alone episodes that all share a common theme. My novel The One has been described as Black Mirror meets Love Actually, which is very, very flattering.

Favourite part about being a writer?

Interacting with readers and seeing the process of a book going from a first draft to the final product. The worst part is having to read your own book a million times before unleashing it on the world.

Favourite holiday (Christmas, Easter, Halloween)?

It has to be the build up to Christmas. The last few days before the day itself are magical. It really is the most wonderful time of the year….

Thanks so much John!

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