Book Review: Lying About Last Summer by Sue Wallman

Book Review: Lying About Last Summer by Sue WallmanLying About Last Summer by Sue Wallman
Published by Scholastic UK on May 5th 2016
Rating: four-stars
Genres: Young Adult, General
Pages: 272

Skye is looking for an escape. Her sister died in a tragic accident and her parents think a camp for grieving teens might help her. But when she arrives, Skye starts receiving text messages from someone pretending to be her dead sister. Skye knows it's time to confront the past. But what if the danger is right in front of her?

Lying About Last Summer is one of those books that sucks you in, and doesn’t let you go until you’ve finished it. I’ve had it on loan from the library for a while, but never felt like reading it until now. Yes, I am a mood reader, and sometimes I just do not fancy a book, but I finally wanted to read this one, and I did, and it was pretty awesome. It wasn’t as twisty as I was expecting, as I had guessed a few of the things that came out towards the end, but it was still a stellar, enjoyable read.

Skye is a bit of a prickly character, I liked her right away, but the way she acts when she first comes to camp, and the judgements she makes of Fay, Brandon, Danielle did annoy me a little bit, especially since Fay seemed quite sweet and sensitive, and almost like you wanted to protect her from the big, bad world, but after what Faye goes through, losing her sister, you can kind of understand it, why would you want to get close to people when you see what happens to your blood, for crying out loud?

To see what really happened to Luisa was chilling, it seemed kind of too extreme for the book, which is a crazy thing to say, but when you think of Skye’s life, and they’re idyllic little house, it’s hard to see it all going wrong, not helped by the fact Skye starts receiving text messages from Luisa, or so it seems? It added a bit of extra chill factor to the book, and that’s the only bit of the story I didn’t guess – who was behind those messages. I had Joe pegged as the bad guy, he riled me up something chronic, and there was just something about him that I didn’t trust or believe, you know when you just get a feeling about someone? I felt that way about Joe. He was creepy with a capital C.

I really enjoyed Lying About Last Summer, I was gripped the whole way through and I read the book in one sitting, barely stopping except to eat and drink, Sue Wallman has written a pretty fantastic read, and I can’t wait to see what she writes next! I’ll be reading it for sure, because this was fantastic.


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