Book Review: Lucy Locket Online Disaster (Girls Can Vlog) by Emma Moss

Book Review: Lucy Locket Online Disaster (Girls Can Vlog) by Emma MossLucy Locket: Online Disaster by Emma Moss
Series: Girls Can Vlog #1
Published by Pan Macmillan on April 21st 2016
Rating: five-stars
Genres: Young Adult, Humorous Stories, Social Themes, Friendship, School & Education
Pages: 182
Also by this author: Amazing Abby - Drama Queen, Hashtag Hermione: Wipeout!

It's bad enough having to move house, school and country all at the same time, without making a fool of yourself on the first day of term. But that's just what Lucy's done - and one of her classmates has videoed the whole thing and put it online!
Lucy's so stressed, her stammer's become worse than ever. So when a friend encourages her to create her own videos, she thinks it's a terrible idea - surely she's embarrassed herself enough for one lifetime!
But when Lucy finally gives vlogging a try, she's amazed to find that people actually want to watch . . .
Includes tips for making your own vlogs!

I don’t know how I heard about the Girl Can Vlog series, but I’m glad I did, because Lucy Locket’s Online Disaster is one of the cutest, sweetest books I’ve ever read. It’s a very young series, aimed at 10-14 year-olds I’d reckon, but can easily be read by anyone older than that; I’m 26 and I read it and enjoyed it. With the rise of the YouTuber (they’re everywhere, literally) it was only a matter of time before that became a thing in books, and I’m only slightly surprised that this is the first one I’ve read – surely there must be more out there?!

What I liked most about Lucy Locket Online Disaster is that Lucy is just a regular girl, in fact, she’s even got a stammer, and that isn’t glossed over, it doesn’t magically disappear, it’s there, present, for the entire book, in the writing of scenes, in the vlogs, and I think that’s so important for young kids to see that having a stutter isn’t the end of the world. And, sure, there will always be the Dakota’s of this world, who try and shame you for your impediment, but they’re the awful ones really.

I absolutely loved getting to know Lucy, Abby, Jessie and Hermione (in fact, I am most excited about Hermione’s book because HELLO! Book worm) but all four girls are amazing, and I love that they go through little hiccups and bumps in their friendship, but it’s also the kind of friendship that can sustain bumps in the road, and all friendships have their fair share of bickering and fighting, that’s growing up. I loved everything about this book – the story, the way the vlogs were laid out, the little images scattered on all the pages, it was such a fun, quirky, sweet read. Perfect for any youngster (or oldster).


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