Book Review: Follow Me Back by Nicci Cloke

Book Review: Follow Me Back by Nicci ClokeFollow Me Back by Nicci Cloke
Published by Bonnier Publishing Fiction Ltd. on February 4th 2016
Rating: three-stars
Genres: Young Adult, Social Themes, Friendship, Action & Adventure, General, School & Education
Pages: 288

A thrilling read, for fans of Gone Girl and We Were Liars.There was no sign of a struggle, they whisper to each other. She took her phone but left her laptop behind.Apparently, she'd met someone online, they write to each other in class, phones buzzing.She ran away. She was taken.
The first time Aiden Kendrick hears about Lizzie Summersall's disappearance is when the police appear at his front door. He and Lizzie used to be friends; they aren't anymore. And when Aiden finds out that Lizzie had been talking to strangers on Facebook; that the police think she went to meet one of them, he begins to wonder how well he ever really knew her, and Aiden doesn't know it yet, but with Lizzie's disappearance his life is about to take a twisted and desperate turn.

With social media being a big thing nowadays – everyone has a Twitter account or a Facebook account, or any other number of social media websites out there – it’s only natural that books would follow into that trend at some point, and novels would be released that focus on social media, and Follow You Back is one such novel, as Aiden’s friend Lizzie goes missing, after potentially talking to someone online, but it’s the kind of novel where everyone is telling secrets, and you’ve got NO idea who to trust. I had no idea who to trust, I mean I liked Aiden, but I wasn’t sure if I could trust him as far as I could throw him.

Follow You Back is one of those twisty novels, with curveballs left, right and centre, as more details emerge as to what Lizzie’s been up to, and at first it seems a bit weird that the focus is mostly on Aiden, as they barely knew each other except for a few classes, including drama, but that turns out not to be the whole truth, does it, Aiden? It keeps you in a perpetual state of guessing, trying to figure out who the real culprit is and exactly where Lizzie has got to. Was she alive? Who had she gone to meet? Why was Aiden so shifty and hot tempered? Nicci Cloke throws so much at you, you don’t know your left from your right any more, but I enjoyed it and it more than kept me hooked throughout, especially with the addition of the other narratives.

Probably the only thing I didn’t get was the whole Scobie thing. It’s not so much the actual THING that bugged me, it was the afterwards of it. It just didn’t make sense, and I can’t sadly say any more for fear of spoiling a bit of the book, so I’ll leave it all mysterious and stuff. But it bugged me, and I wish I could talk about it more. Apart from that this was a cracking read, it kept me reading long past when I wanted to, and I had to pull myself away to go to bed and couldn’t wait to pick it up again the next night because I was dying to know what happened to Lizzie and why Aiden was so het up about it, and I love novels where you’ve got no idea who the wrong-un is, and in this case, it was the vast majority of them! But it’s so worth a read because even I didn’t manage to guess those last few plot twists, so bravo Nicci, you fooled even me!


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