That’s what you get for waking up in Vegas // Dan And Nat Got Married by Jon Rance

That’s what you get for waking up in Vegas // Dan And Nat Got Married by Jon RanceDan and Nat Got Married on 4th October 2016
Rating: four-stars

You guys, Dan and Nat Got Married is one of those books you just love. It is also one of those books that you just know is your kind of book as soon as you start reading, and you wonder why an author hasn’t come up with this plotline before because it’s epic. Most authors would be frightened, I suspect, to marry off their main couple right at the start of the book, but not Jon Rance. Jon Rance goes in there, marries them and let’s the chips fall where they may. And it’s SO entertaining.

Dan and Nat are both awesome, which I think helps with such an out-there plot (although considering what Channel 4 do in the name of dating, is getting married on a whim in Vegas really that bad? Doubt it) and have both been hurt previously, so they’re open for giving their marriage a go, because what’s the worst that can happen when the worst has already happened? And seeing them give their marriage a go was amazing. They just seemed to click, there was no awkwardness over their impromptu wedding and decision to actually make this wedding work (unlike Ross & Rachel who went down the annulment route…) and it made sense. I can’t explain how, but it did.

Adam and Ellie were amazing wingmen (and women) for Dan and Nat respectively, too, and I absolutely adored Ellie’s parents. I just loved everything about the book – the pace is fantastic and everything between Nat and Dan was just effortless, which made it even more annoying when bloody Charlie came back on the scene. I genuinely wanted to punch Charlie for being an idiot and Natalie for being an even bigger idiot, I mean COME ON NATALIE. Have some bloody respect for yourself. But such is life, and Nat was an idiot and she came THISCLOSE to ruining this book for me. THISCLOSE NATALIE.

Dan and Nat Got Married was everything I wanted in a book, seriously. It made me laugh, it made me cringe, I loved Dan, I loved Nat, I loved Adam and Ellie, the dialogue and London setting was amazing, Jon Rance is an amazing writer, and I can’t believe I haven’t read his books before because I’ve clearly been missing out! I shall now make it my mission to hunt down his other reads because this one was brilliant, I loved it.


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