Blog Tour // Who Is Laura Kemp’s Perfect Back Up Man?

The wonderful Laura Kemp is on the blog today, telling us all about who her perfect back-up man would be, in honour of the release of her fantastic new novel WHAT HAPPENED TO VICKY HOPE’S BACK UP MAN? Over to you, Laura!

This is completely cheating but it’d have to be 1970s Harrison Ford as Han Solo. Handsome, lippy, tight trousers and, eventually, ready to settle down.
But as I guess there’s a queue and I’d look awful in a Princess Leia gold bikini, it has to be someone else.

Someone with character and greatness because that is the point of a back up man.
Dependable, reliable, determined, kind and blessed with a beast of a sense of humour – someone who wouldn’t just be there when the Stormtroopers were going off on one, but in even more horrific situations.

Like when you’re crying your eyes out and they don’t run a mile at the sight of your swollen face. Or if there’s one bag of crisps left and they let you have it.

They have to positively bubble with goodness: listen patiently to your latest rage, understand the way you feel, tell you the truth even if it’s going to hurt. And most importantly make you howl with laughter. In other words, they have to be one of your best friends.

As sick-making as it will sound, my perfect back-up man is my husband. We met before we got together, when we were both with other people. It wasn’t love at first sight for either of us – but it was laugh at first words. And we never forgot each other.

Twelve years later, we’re married with a nine-year-old son. While we never did the ‘if you’re still single by the time we’re x years of age’ thing, I reckon if we’d met when we were younger we would’ve. That’s because we both had the same kind of experiences in the years leading up to each other and we share the same values.

No doubt when my husband finds out I’ve said all of this about him, he’ll say ‘you should’ve gone for Han Solo.’

Just so he could make a joke about me resembling Chewbacca in the morning.
And that, lovely dear readers, is why he’s my ultimate back up man.


Laura Kemp




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