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Today I am super pleased to be taking part in the blog tour for FIND ME by J.S. Monroe. This twisty thriller is out NOW, so make sure you treat yourself to a copy. I’ll be reviewing it really soon, but in the mean time, the fantastic Jon is taking part in my quick fire quiz!


Tea, coffee or hot chocolate?

Kenyan loose leaf tea, mixed with Assam, brewed in my favourite Stump Pot. (It’s a sure sign of middle age when you start to blend your own tea.)

Physical books or eBooks?

I love physical books but I’m moving more and more to eBooks as my eyesight gets worse! I appreciate the way I can discreetly increase the point size on my Kindle as the evening wears on and my eyes tire.

Cat or dog?

We have a cat called Nimu, named after a tiny Himalayan village in Ladakh, where we had our best ever family holiday. Always thought we’d want a dog, but we like to travel.

Action flick or RomCom?

Action flick – I’m a big fan of the Bourne movies, particularly the third one. I can never walk through Waterloo station without glancing up at that advertising hoarding.

White or milk chocolate?

Milk, preferably Green & Black nut and raisin. My youngest son, Jago, loves white chocolate, but I’m not sure there’s actually any chocolate in it, is there?!

New York or Los Angeles?

New York. I went there in December last year to pre-promote the US publication of Find Me (March, Mira), and fell in love with the place again, after a 20-year separation. I’ve been to LA once, many years ago, and all I remember is that we drove across the city for four hours and were still in LA. It was difficult to walk anywhere, too, but we tried, much to the bemusement of locals.

City or country?

Tricky one, this. After living in Greenwich, South East London for the first few years of married life, my wife and I moved out to rural Wiltshire (via a stint in New Delhi) for the schools and we’ve been here for 16 years. I love the countryside and our corner of Wiltshire is very beautiful, with good pubs within good walking distance, but we seem to be missing city life more than ever, particularly as our teenage children get older. London is only a 75-minute train ride into Paddington, though, and we also go to Bristol a lot in search of a city hit.

Bath or shower?

Bath every time. I have all my best book ideas in the bath. I can spend up to an hour in there if the ideas are flowing.

Writing by hand or typing?

I always write on my MacBook Air, which I take everywhere with me. I’m lefthanded and my handwriting is atrocious. And it’s only getting worse as I rarely write longhand these days, apart from shopping lists, which I can never read.

Samsung or iPhone?

IPhone. I’ve always been a Mac man and it’s good to have computers that can speak to my phone (I think…)

Summer or winter?

I’m writing this early in the morning, sitting next to a well-stoked woodburning fire. Winter has a lot going for it. Having said that, I love writing in the early morning in the garden, as the summer sun rises. On balance, summer. I like heat, a possible legacy of our two-year stint in New Delhi.

Pizza or Chinese takeaway?

Always Indian. We have a fantastic Indian restaurant near us (The Palm on the A4, between Marlborough and Hungerford) and it’s one of the few places in the UK that offers Chicken Chettinad, my favourite Indian dish. We once went to Chettinad, in the South of India, and it always brings back happy memories when I have the dish here.

X Factor or Strictly? 

Neither, I’m afraid. I quite like the quirky old-school, Music Hall acts on Britain’s Got Talent.

Twitter or Facebook?

Twitter – I do use Facebook, but I like the immediacy of Twitter. My handle is @JSThrillers and I generally follow back…

Ant or Dec?

I never know which is which! They’ve become national treasures, though, haven’t they?


Favourite Friends character?

Maya, my daughter, tells me it’s Ross. I liked Matt LeBlanc in Episodes.

Favourite holiday destination?

India. We have been lucky enough to live there twice, first in Kochi in Kerala, and then in New Delhi, where I worked as a foreign correspondent. We’ve been all over the country but there are still so many places to explore – I’d like to go to the North East (Assam) and also to Hampi in the south.

Favourite book?

It changes all the time, but the book I’ve enjoyed the most recently is I Let You Go by Clare Macintosh. A wonderful midway twist that had me turning back to the beginning to see how she did it.

Favourite author?

Early John Le Carré. Graham Greene described The Spy Who Came In From The Cold as the best spy novel eve written and it’s hard to disagree.

Favourite movie?

Such a hard one, but Four Lions is hard to beat. Wonderfully funny and dark (“Rubber dinghy rapids, bro’….”).

Favourite Netflix series (can be any show on Netflix)?

I’m very behind, always catching up. I’ve been enjoying the US version of House of Cards (first series….). And I’ve watched the first episode of The Crown, which is pretty good.

Favourite part about being a writer?

Answering questionnaires like this! I’ve never had to think about some of these things before.

Favourite holiday (Christmas, Easter, Halloween)?

Long summer holidays in Cornwall.

Thank you,


A pleasure! Such fun.



  1. February 23, 2017 / 11:59 am

    Thanks for this, Leah. Great questions.

  2. February 25, 2017 / 9:00 am

    Loved the answers as well as the questions! Great post Leah 🙂

  3. February 27, 2017 / 4:45 am

    Ooh this was fun! I’ll have to go check out the book more now. 😀 YAY for the Bourne movies and I’m glad this author is an avid apple fan. That is the only type of computer.😂

    Loved the interview, Leah!

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