Blog Tour // Q&A With Wendy Holden + Review of Laura Lake!

Today it’s my pleasure to be kicking off Wendy Holden’s blog tour for her latest book LAURA LAKE AND THE HIPSTER WEDDINGS, the first in the Laura Lake series! Here is my quick fire quiz with the lady herself!

Tea, coffee or hot chocolate?

Tea first thing, then coffee, then tea again. I don’t drink hot chocolate all that much but if my daughter’s having one of those with cream and marshmallows on top, I always dive in with my spoon.

Physical books or eBooks?

Physical books, although ebooks are great things. I love the way that no-one knows what you are reading.

Cat or dog?

Dog, but I don’t have one, just a goldfish which is a bit like a dog as it swims up to the front of the tank when it sees me, in the hope of being fed.

Action flick or rom com?

Rom com, especially vintage ones like Working Girl, Four Weddings, Pretty Woman etc. Why can’t they make them like that any more?

White or milk chocolate?

White! And if it’s got fudgy, nutty, fruity or caramelly bits in, so much the better

New York or Los Angeles?

I’ve never been to LA, except in my mind! I would love to! But New York is wonderful.

City or country?

I love both, have lived in both and now divide my time between the two. Country is best for working and I love my home in Derbyshire with its rolling green hills and cosy pubs. But crossing the Thames at night with the City all lit up is amazing too.

Bath or shower?

Is there anything so good as a deep hot bath? On the other hand, few life experiences are more disappointing than putting too much cold water in and having no hot left in the tank.

Writing by hand or typing?

Typing. My handwriting is so bad that when I was a student a special interpreter used to come and decipher my papers at exam time.

Samsung or iPhone?

I have an ancient cracked Samsung which my children laugh at. It takes me ages to send a text. I’m so far behind the curve I’m actually probably in front of it.

Summer or winter?

I love them both, especially in the countryside. Derbyshire winters glitter and dazzle; there are woods surrounding my house and it looks like Narnia when it’s snowed. But summer is equally lovely, with big shaggy trees, glossy grass and hedgerows full of wild flowers

Pizza or Chinese takeaway?

I love a Chinese! Crispy duck and pancakes is my all-time favourite.

X Factor or Strictly?

Strictly is the most glamorous; all the colour and shine and silver shoes of it. My friend Jeremy Vine was on it; he was brilliant. I love the way it makes dance stars of the most unlikely people, like John Sargent and Ed Balls.

Twitter or Facebook?

I find Twitter easiest.

Ant or Dec?

I can take or leave either of them, to be honest.

Favourite Friends character?

New York City itself, all that bright and buzzy background. Atmosphere and location are vital to a good story.

Favourite holiday destination

The South of France. I have been going there since I was a student. It has changed a lot but the old magic is still there. Going on holiday to glamorous spots is essential to my work (or so I tell my accountant!) I get lots of ideas and inspiration from watching people and spotting trends.

Favourite book?

The Great Gatsby. The rich, the glamorous and the doomed in love! All watched by a fascinated outsider and plotted by an absolute master.

I have lots, and many are women. Sue Townsend, Stella Gibbons, Nancy Mitford, Richmal Crompton. All great comic writers from these islands. Is there something in the water? I’d love to think I was following in their footsteps!

Favourite movie?

I love any film about glossy magazines, as I used to work on them myself. The Devil Wears Prada is a favourite. Glossies are my inspiration and always have been; my first book, Simply Divine, and my new one, are both about them.

Favourite Netflix series (can be any show on Netflix)?

There’s a great comic series called Call My Agent, about a film agency in Paris. The heroine is exactly like Laura Lake, the glossy-mag-journalist star of my new novel series.

Favourite part about being a writer?

Being in charge of your own destiny – to a certain extent anyway! The flexible hours are a great luxury. On the other hand, if there’s a deadline, I’m often working when everyone else is on holiday

Favourite holiday (Christmas, Easter, Halloween)?

Christmas. It is pure magic, the dark nights, the excitement, the wonderful music, the glowing lights of stained glass windows…..and all that lovely food!

Thanks Wendy!

She’ll need a triple-barrelled name for the castle one. She’ll need a gallon of glitter for the woodland one. She’ll need a lobster-shaped hat for the Shoreditch one.

Laura Lake longs to be a journalist. Instead she’s an unpaid intern at a glossy magazine – sleeping in the fashion cupboard and living on canapés. But she’s just got her first big break: infiltrate three society weddings and write a juicy exposé.

Security will be tighter than a bodycon dress, but how hard can it be? Cue disappearing brides, demanding socialites – and a jealous office enemy who will do anything to bring her down…

I’ve been a Wendy Holden fan for a long time – she writes social satires of the highest order and I was incredibly excited for Laura Lake and the Hipster Weddings. The whole idea of writing an expose on three weddings for a magazine is ingenious and I expected all kinds of amazing hi-jinks and social commentary, because Wendy Holden excels at that kind of thing. Laura Lake and the Hipster Weddings is a great first read in the series, and I love that Laura Lake will be back for (at least) a second novel, next year.

Laura Lake and the Hipster Weddings is everything I want and expect from a Wendy Holden book. She really digs deep into her characters and you feel like you really get to know them, and right from the off I felt for Laura. Sure, she lives in Paris which is the dream for a lot of people, but it’s only so she can take care of her Grandma, which is incredible of her, as her Grandma isn’t very well. She dreams of being a journalist so when the opportunity comes around to write an expose of three weddings, she jumps at the chance.

This is such a relevant, funny novel. It’s getting heaps of deserved praise and I absolutely loved Laura, she’s the kind of heroine you can root for and I loved her from the start and I’m stoked she’ll be back for more next year, I can’t wait!



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