Blog Tour – Book Review: Time After Time by Hannah McKinnon

Blog Tour – Book Review: Time After Time by Hannah McKinnonTime After Time by Hannah McKinnon
Published by HarperCollins UK on June 2nd 2016
Rating: three-half-stars
Genres: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, Romantic Comedy, Family Life, Magical Realism, Humorous, General
Pages: 80

‘A very clever idea! if you’re thinking what if about reading this, then think no more, pick this up now!’
Have you ever wondered ‘what if?’
When Hayley Cooper goes to sleep wishing for a different life, then wakes up in bed with her first boyfriend, she can’t believe her eyes. She hasn’t seen Chris in over twenty years – but now she’s married to him. And Hayley is in for a few more romantic surprises . . .
Over a single weekend, Hayley lives her life time and time again, and as each of her former loves resurface, Hayley starts to realise that there’s some truth in the saying ‘be careful what you wish for.’ Yes, the past two years with her husband Rick have been tough, but is the grass always greener?
Time After Time is a fresh, funny novel, which explores the romantic paths that could have been and the ones who (almost) got away. . . Perfect for fans of Laura Barnett and Dani Atkins.

Time After Time is one of those books you can’t put down – if only because, you absolutely have to find out what happens to Hayley. My favourite kind of books are the ones that show what the grass is like on the other side, and Hayley is desperate to know if the grass is indeed greener considering her life is falling apart – she’s arguing with her hubby Rick, she’s losing clients left, right and centre, in her job as a lawyer, and she can’t help wondering if one of her exes would have been a better fit as a soulmate.

So we journey with Hayley as she sees how each of her lives in turn would have panned out with her exes – as well as learning the story back in the 90s/early 00s about how she met them originally. It’s a fantastic way to tell the story, although I got tripped up a few times trying to remember what was real (in the 90s) and what was just a potential side plot as Hayley sees her exes again, because her life each time is vastly different, and it’s interesting to see how Hayley’s life would have been with Chris, Sean, Matthew or Ian. There were good bits and bad bits with each of Hayley’s exes, and I absolutely loved Matthew, he was by far my favourite of the four. If Hayley doesn’t want him (OR RICK) can I have him, please?

I really liked Hayley, and I had sympathy with her when it came to wondering if her life could be better, because haven’t we all wondered what would have happened if we had made a different decision? Done something differently? So it was interesting to go on that journey with her, because it’s almost as if she needed to go on that journey to figure out what she wanted from her life going forward, with or without Rick. I actually really liked Rick, he seemed so sweet.

Time After Time was such an emotional thought-provoking read, and I really enjoyed it. I just had to keep reading, because you really do need to find out what happens to Hayley in the end, and I was never quite sure. I loved the fact this was set in present times and in the 90s, so we knew Hayley when she was younger, although there should have been way more pop culture! The 90s were awesome, man, and we needed more than just Back For Good by Take That. But, kidding aside, this is a fantastic read, and Hannah is a bright new voice is fiction (and not to be confused with the American Hannah McKinnon, there are TWO Hannan McKinnons FYI).


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