Blog Tour – Book Review: Keeping Her Secret by Sarah Nicolas

Blog Tour – Book Review: Keeping Her Secret by Sarah NicolasKeeping Her Secret by Sarah Nicolas
on August 22nd 2016
Rating: five-stars
Genres: Young Adult, LGBT, Fiction, Romance, Gay, General, Love & Romance
Pages: 150
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The last person Riya Johnson expected to run into at her new summer camp is Courtney Chastain—her childhood best friend and the girl who broke her heart after a secret, mind-blowing, life-altering kiss. She definitely didn’t expect to be sharing a bunk bed with her for four long weeks.
Courtney has what every girl wants—she’s beautiful, rich, and the object of every boy’s desire at Camp Pine Ridge. Too bad none of them make her feel an iota of what Riya’s kiss did all those years ago. But Courtney needs to uphold appearances at all costs—even if it means instigating an all-out prank war with Riya as her main target.
Neither girl can stop thinking about the other...but that doesn’t mean they can give up past hurts and take a chance on a future together.
Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains drinking, sexual situations, and a fairy-tale romance sure to make your heart melt.
Each book in the Endless Summer Series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order.Book #1 - Daring the Bad BoyBook #2 - Keeping Her Secret

Keeping Her Secret is one of the most fun books I’ve read in ages. It actually got me out of my contemporary slump, I thought I was over contemporary YA, turns out, I just needed the right kinda book and this is very much the right kinda book. It’s set in the same camp as the one in Monica Murphy’s Daring The Bad Boy, but it’s set at a different time, since there’s literally no mention of Annie, but Jacob & Dane are mentioned, and Fozzie Bear, so I would be intrigued as to which was supposed to come first.

This book just had everything I love in a good contemporary and then some. Flirting, warm fuzzy feelings, a brilliant setting, two people who both annoy and love each other at the same time (that is just the best, when it’s not hate-hate, it’s I-secretly-love-you hate). I loved Riya immediately. She’s my kinda girl and although I was a bit hesitant over Courtney initially (rich people just click me the wrong way sometimes) I did warm up to her in the end. Especially since I could see where she was coming from and why she was so hesitant to talk to Riya, to do *anything* with Riya.

I genuinely loved this book. I love Riya and Courtney, especially together, it gave me such happy feels, and I had a smile on my face for most of this book. I liked Colt, too, as the voice of reason, and all the roommates in Riya and Courtney’s dorm, but most of all, I loved the pranks. Because they weren’t nasty pranks, they were HILARIOUS pranks. Like wet your bed laughing pranks, and they added a lot of fun to this already fun-packed book. Keeping Her Secret was such a good contemporary book, with two of the most amazing characters, two girls who legit belonged together, and I just loved every page of this book!


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  1. Cait @ Paper Fury
    September 4, 2016 / 12:09 am

    Oh this does sound amazing and so cute!! I generally don’t rush out for contemporaries though, haha, but I love the sound of the quirky fun pranks. 😉 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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