Blog Tour – Book Review: Four Weddings & A Fiasco by Catherine Ferguson

Blog Tour – Book Review: Four Weddings & A Fiasco by Catherine FergusonFour Weddings and a Fiasco by Catherine Ferguson
Published by HarperCollins UK on June 16th 2016
Rating: three-half-stars
Genres: Fiction, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Humorous, General, Contemporary Women, Family Life, Holidays
Pages: 368

The ebook bestseller is back with her next riotously funny read! Get your hands on the ONLY book you need this summer.
Katy Peacock lives a life as colourful as her name.
As a wedding photographer, she spends her days making other people smile as she captures all sorts of fun and capers at celebrations that range from the wacky to the wild.
But her own life isn’t looking quite so rosy. Her mum is acting out of character, her menacing ex is back on the scene, and she is torn between two gorgeous men. And that’s before we even get started on the trouble her sister is causing . . .
As Katy weathers the ups and downs of the season, she revisits problems from the past, discovers new friendships and finds that four weddings and a fiasco have the power to change her world beyond measure.
A funny, feel-good read, perfect for fans of Lucy Diamond and Jenny Colgan.

I love Catherine Ferguson – her debut novel Humbugs & Heartstrings was one of my absolute favourite reads a while ago, and while I haven’t gotten around to her other two books, I know that they’re there when I need my fix of Catherine again! Four Weddings And A Fiasco is Catherine’s first foray into paperbacks (and well deserved it is, too, although I now want her other three in paperback, please, Avon) and it’s thoroughly entertaining, as Katy Peacock lives quite the life.

The most ironic thing about Katy Peacock is that she actually lives quite a humdrum life when we meet her – she works, she sleeps, she worries about bills, and repeat, it’s the things that have happened in her past that make it more colourful – she doesn’t talk to her sister, Sienna, any more, and she has her ex Dominic on her back for money he lent her (it’s true what they say – never lend money from a boyfriend/friend/family member, anyone) and it was kinda stressful seeing her try to juggle everything alone, with no one to rely on or lean on, although her best friend Mallory was awesome, I loved how posh but down to Earth she was.

Four Weddings and a Fiasco does feature four weddings, as Katy is a wedding photographer and I absolutely loved the celebrity-infused first wedding between Andrea & Ron, especially Harry the fish finger, that was hilarious. But it was the chemistry between Katy and Gabe that got me excited. From the very moment she bashed into him climbing over her gate, on the way to the post office, there was a spark there and it was amazing to see it ignite. There was just something there right from the off and it was great to see them be snarky with each other, in the best possible way.

I really enjoyed the book. It was a fun read, with a few serious bits thrown in for good measure, but it was never short of laughs and Katy was a brilliant, brilliant character. I loved her so much. Despite everything, she never crumbled, never took to her bed the way I would if I had all of that on my shoulders, and I respected the way she just pulled up her boots and got to work. Four Weddings and a Fiasco is the perfect summer read, and it’s Catherine at her absolute best, she really is an amazing storyteller, I loved this book.


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