Blog Tour – Book Review: Finding Home by Lauren Westwood

Blog Tour – Book Review: Finding Home by Lauren WestwoodFinding Home by Lauren Westwood
Published by Head of Zeus on April 1st 2016
Rating: five-stars
Genres: Fiction, General, Contemporary Women, Romance, Clean & Wholesome, Contemporary
Pages: 288
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If you save a crumbling mansion, will it mend a broken heart? Feel-good, warm and romantic, FINDING HOME is perfect for fans of Carole Matthews and Milly Johnson.
A month ago, Amy Wood had her perfect home, her perfect boyfriend and her perfect job in London. Now she’s broken-hearted, living in her parents' tiny bungalow, and working in a local estate agents in Bath.
At least her new job keeps her busy. Rosemont Hall is a crumbling mansion riddled with woodworm, dry rot – and secrets.
As Amy searches for the perfect owner to restore the house to its former glory, she begins to uncover pieces of the past that some people would rather remain hidden.
In her battle to save Rosemont Hall, Amy will encounter scary housekeepers, evil property developers and mysterious American heirs - and will discover whether the secrets of the past can bring her closer to the future of her dreams...

Finding Home is one of those books you just lose yourself in. Much like Cathy Bramley’s book Wickham Hall, it’s centered around a stately home, although Rosemont Hall is literally falling to pieces, with the East Wing literally hanging off, but Amy Wood is a woman on a mission, and when she lands a job at an estate agent’s (that doesn’t seem to require any formal qualifications?) and she’s the one tasked to sell Rosemont Hall, she knows that the hall has GOT to be saved, and not by making it into a golf course.

I thoroughly enjoyed Finding Home. Considering I started reading it during one of my busiest weeks ever, and thought I would never get it finished at one point due to extreme tiredness, I actually managed and, not only that, I loved the book so much. It was genuinely a blast. I love books about saving stately homes, and Amy was a very, very passionate person. And the story behind Rosemont Hall was truly epic. Worthy of its own book, actually, I felt, I was entranced by all the goings-on way back when, and the little snippets of love letters we saw just made me all the more excited to find out the real story!

This was genuinely such a fun book. It even had me giggling a few times, I just managed to completely lose myself in the pages, which is one of the best feelings in the world. I loved Amy, I loved the setting, I loved Rosemont Hall (and wanted to move in – though only after they fixed the issues and got central heating, I have no desire to live in a freezing cold block of ice, thank you very much). Mrs Bradford was quite the eccentric character, too. Even the romance was sweet, if a little super quick, but there was no ridiculous breaking-up-and-making-up come the end of the book, which drives me insane, so that was a refreshing relief.

I would genuinely recommend you read this book. Finding Home is the perfect little read to while away a day or two, I loved getting to know the characters, the setting, the story behind Rosemont Hall, it had everything I love in a book and I really, really enjoyed it.


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