Author Q&A with Katerina Diamond!

Katerina Diamond is one of my new favourite authors – she writes the kind of crime books that I LOVE. They’re gripping, gory and absolutely shocking and I am so incredibly excited to read her new book, The Angel. It’s out now and I can’t wait to get my hands on! To celebrate the release, I have a Q&A with the lovely Katerina!

Hi Kat! Welcome to Girl vs Books – would you like to tell me a bit about yourself?

Not much to tell really. I am a crime writer and I live in sunny Kent. I have 2 kids a husband and a pet rat that’s probably not going to be around much longer.

Your new book The Angel is out now, how does it feel to have had three books released in the past 18 months?

It feels incredible. I honestly am still pinching myself about the whole thing. If you had told me 2 years ago that I would be in this position I wouldn’t have believed you.

Can you tell us a bit about The Angel?

The Angel answers some questions left at the end of The Secret. We get to follow Adrian Miles and Imogen Grey as they investigate the death of a homeless man in a signal box. They investigate the case and arrest a local young man. On further investigation Imogen isn’t so sure of his guilt. We also see more of Imogen Grey and Dean Kinkaid and how their relationship is affected by the fact that he is an ex-con and she is a police officer. Adrian Miles has his own issues to deal with as he secretly investigates his sons stepfather, a course of action which results in revelations that Adrian finds hard to deal with. But those are the least of Adrian’s problems.

I read a review yonks ago, where someone couldn’t complete The Teacher because of how gory it is. Do you feel your books are gory, and isn’t it kind of the mark of a thriller to be a *bit* gory? (FWIW, I didn’t mind the gore and I’m relatively squeamish)

The Teacher was definitely gory and I totally understand how people would struggle to read it. I struggled to write it! I felt it needed to be gory in order for the story as a whole to work. I don’t feel that The Secret was that bad, in fact I think I held back a little on the gore. I think Gore is fine as long as it fits the story and moves things along.

In my review of The Secret, I reckon the Imogen Grey books is a long-running thing, do you feel the same way? Will Imogen feature in upcoming books? Do you know how her story ends?

I have no idea how her story ends, I know she will be put through many trials along the way and I would love to keep writing the books for as long as people want to read them.

I also mention in my review of The Secret that I fear for Adrian Miles’ life. Because I know what you thriller writers do to us poor readers. WILL HE LIVE?!?!?! Am I just a paranoid person who has read too many bait and switch thrillers?!

I don’t have any plans to kill him off just yet, but I do have some horrible plans for Adrian, he certainly isn’t going to have an easy time of it.

Avon have absolutely killed it with your cover designs, do you have any input and are they how you would have imagined them?

I don’t have that much input, but after seeing the cover for The Teacher I have total faith that I am going to love them. I am sure if I had complained that they would have listened, but I didn’t need to because I LOVE my covers.

Where does your inspiration come from for your novels? Is it entirely in your head, or do you see what’s happening in the news, etc and run with that?

It’s a combination of everything. As a writer absolutely everything is material, I see the news, or a film, or a TV show and think how to use that for my characters. There are moments that have stuck out to me in TV or movies and I try to examine what it was that made me stop and pay attention, then I try and find something to create the same kind of emotion in my readers.

What enticed you to the thriller genre? (Whatever it was – I am glad, you are genuinely my new favourite author).

Thank you that’s really kind of you. I guess I’m a bit of a sick puppy really. I am curious by nature and I tend to over analyze everything. I love watching thrillers and action movies and I am fascinated by true crime and psychology. I knew that I wanted to write for a career and I knew that crime was a popular genre and so it seemed like it would be a good way for me to go. Even just doing research is doing fun when you’re writing, although sometimes it can get a bit heavy. I like observing people and human behaviour and think crime fiction is a great way to comment on the trials of life. I also love puzzles and solving mysteries. I think really I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could write the kind of crime book I would want to read.

Who are some of your favourite authors and books – I hate to ask this question, as I would hate to be asked this myself, but I’m always fascinated by what authors like to read themselves!

I love Karin Slaughters books, and I read a lot of Mark Billingham’s work. In terms of classics I love Tennessee Williams, I think he was absolutely brilliant at creating characters. I also recently re-read Pride and Prejudice. I don’t really like to close myself in – I will give anything a go from Sci-fi to romance. I love the Diana Gabaldon Outlander books, too.

Lastly, this is probably the last thing you want asking since The Angel is only just out, but can we get a hint as to what’s next? I’d like to say the people want to know, but it’s just me. I am nosy. I have this insatiable need to KNOW what authors are doing.

Well, I have just finished the second draft of book 4. I have also started book 5 in the series so there is no let up for a while. I’m very excited about some of the things that are coming. Both Imogen and Adrian are going to be having a pretty rough time of it in The Angel. Beyond that as much as I want to tell everyone whats coming, I’ll be good and let you find out for yourselves!

Thanks so much Katerina!

(No – thank you! K x)


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