Am I Harming My “Brand” By Reviewing Multiple Genres?

One of the things I worry about the most as a blogger of all kinds of genres is that I’m somehow hurting my “brand”. And yes, I am keeping the quotes in because I don’t actually see myself as a brand, I just don’t know how to explain it otherwise. I started off as a Chick Lit blogger – reviewing Chick Lit books, talking about Chick Lit news, talking to Chick Lit authors, you get the point. But as I’ve grown older my reading tastes have expanded and now I read all kinds of genres – Young Adult and by YA I mean fantasy, contemporary, historical, realistic, sci fi; Chick Lit, crime, thrillers, middle grade, women’s fiction. I read whatever appeals to me, but I don’t just stuck to one genre any more.

I could have a week where all I review is Young Adult novels or recently I had one where I just reviewed thrillers and I just don’t know if that pigeon-holes me. That someone might come to my blog during a crime week or a YA week and think, “Oh, she only reviews crime” or “Oh, she only reviews YA” when I don’t. I review anything and everything. Anything that makes me WANT to write a review, anyway.

But I feel like people will see my blog and just see “book blogger”. Whereas if you go to Paper Fury, she’s a YA blogger. Novelicious is a women’s fiction blog. I don’t have a niche. I review anything. But does that hurt me, really? Should I just focus on one genre for the blog? But then what if I go off that genre for a little bit, as is easily done? What then?

Really, I’m just struggling at the moment myself to decide what exactly I want this blog to be. It’s basically just reviews and earlier in the summer, I got excited to write more varied posts, but then kind of just gave up and that’s my whole issue. I love blogging and don’t want to stop, but on the other hand, I struggle to motivate myself to sit down and blog. I’d much rather be spending that time reading.

I would however be interested to know what YOU blog about. Do you stick to one genre of books, if you’re a book blogger, or do you share your love for all books?


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  1. Kat
    September 28, 2017 / 12:26 am

    I’m not a blogger, but I have followed you from the beginning and do like the variety, as you show me books I’d never if come across, do what makes you happy

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